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Brains for voting

Elections are supposed to be about asking citizens which policies they want. In practice many more factors play a significant role, not least emotional ones. By peering into the brain of voters their behaviour might become more transparent – for voters themselves as well as for the parties who court ... »»»

The future in science

Of course, scientists know the applications they work on will have an impact on society. Actually, this is often what drives them. That doesn’t necessarily mean they have a concrete view of this impact, as it is fairly remote from their daily routines. Even so, developing impact scenarios at an ... »»»

Preventing legal gridlock

Disruptive innovations not only change the shape of technology and markets, but often pose legal challenges as well. Building your own electricity grid or flying with a drone in your backyard, for instance, may land you in legal troubles, because lawmakers did not foresee the possibilities created by new technologies. ... »»»

Checking out the crowd

In places where large groups of people gather, be it for a music event or a football match, there are always risks that things get out of hand, potentially with lethal consequences. Behavioural sciences and technology meet to devise new methods of crowd control – though technological innovations may also ... »»»

Teaming up for big data

Big data offers exciting new opportunities for social research. Group processes that could only be described sketchily, because so much was happening at the same time, can now be analysed in detail, since a lot of data can be captured simultaneously. Recently, Wi-Fi tags were introduced in a Dutch health ... »»»

Arising water questions

After some serious high water events the Dutch government set up a programme to improve the flood safety along its rivers. Now the measures are being implemented, it is time to monitor the effects and see if additional policy adjustments are needed. In 1993 and 1995 high water in its ... »»»

Working out better e-health

More and more people are using e-health applications, varying from websites to wearable wristbands. The enormous amount of data gathered with these applications has the potential to not only change individual health and behaviour, but also the way health care in general is organized. Postdoc researcher Liseth Tjin-Kam-Jet – Siemons ... »»»

Prepaid water voor Kenia

De liefde voor het reizen had Marten Susebeek van huis uit meegekregen, dus zo gek was het niet dat hij met studentenvereniging Aegee door heel Europa excursies maakte en zijn afstudeerproject uitvoerde in Ghana met zonne-energie lampen van Philips. Minder voor de hand lag dat hij als werktuigbouwer en bedrijfskundige ... »»»

De band tussen rubber en asfalt

Autobanden zijn complexe constructies, waarbij materiaalkeuze van grote invloed is op de veiligheid, zuinigheid en geluidsproductie van de wagen. Het Tire Road Consortium, waarin de UT samenwerkt met partners in de auto-industrie, onderzoekt de wisselwerking tussen band en wegdek. Er is nog een grote potentie voor verbetering. Autobanden bestaan uit ... »»»